Wimberley Market Day is held the first Saturday of the month March - December
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Published: February 25, 2020

What's New for 2021...

With the pandemic still out there, we have to consider the health and safety of our volunteers, vendors, shoppers as well as our community, so please observe our posted guidelines and wear a mask if you're planning a trip to Wimberley Market Day. Also because of COVID, many of our volunteers are not able to work, so some services will not be available.

Our Hauling Service is still unavailable, but you can rent a shopping cart at two locations on the field: Gate 2 next to the Leasing Office, and the Gate 3 Info Booth. Concessions are still limited to concessions 1 and 8 by the main pavilion, concessions 2 and 10 mid-field, and concessions 4 and 5 up on the hill. All three locations offer food and beverages as well as beer and wine.

Enjoy your day with us, and have a wonderful shopping experience! We look forward to this year and hope to stay on schedule to open every first Saturday March through December in 2021.

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