Open 1st Saturday, 7am - 3pm, March - December -  RAIN OR SHINE

Vendor FAQ's

When and how do I set up my booth?

  • You can enter Lions Field at any time to set up or work on the booth.  If you are renting a booth make sure your have your official booth assignment before setting up.
  • Gate Two (in the middle of the field by the ATM on 2325 and Concession 1) is always open.
  • If you drive onto the field, make sure you pull your vehicle over far enough so that other vehicles can get by your vehicle.  Because our roads are narrow, you might not be able to park directly in front of your booth while unloading and loading.
  • The field is generally scheduled for final cleanup the Thursday and Friday prior to Market Day.  Note that after the final blowing of the field, dust and leaves may be pushed into your booth.
  • Set up your Texas Sales Tax certificate for display in the booth.
  • Bring a working 5-pound, ABC fire extinguisher and openly display it.  
  • Vendor boxes, packing materials and unsold merchandise must be removed from the field by each Vendor and cannot be placed next to the trash containers.

Is there power at the booth?

  • One 7.5-amp electrical circuit is provided at each Booth/Space, usually behind the Booth/Space.  Bring your own extension cord.
  • Electric Heaters and air conditioners are prohibited, as they require more than the 7.5 amps available.
  • Press the reset button in the middle of the GFCI outlet on the main electrical circuit behind the booth before contacting Market Days with a report of no power. 

 Are my products and product displays safe on the field?

  • The Wimberley Lions Club does not provide security on the field.
  • The Wimberley Lions Club does not assume responsibility for any Vendor property on Lions Field, even in locked Booths. This includes water damage to goods or products, even goods underneath roofs, awnings or other covers in booths rented from the Lions.

 What should I know about setting up the Saturday of Market Day?

  • Vehicles must be off the field before 8 a.m. on Market Day.
  • Parking is free for vendors in any of the Lions operated lots - tell the attendant that you are a vendor.
  • Trailers and RVs must park in parking lot 3 when the Market is open, and vehicles with trailers may only take up 2 spaces.
  • All merchandise displayed during Market Day must be clear of roads and pathways around the booths.  Your rental space extends to the edge of the pavement.
  • Make sure you have ways to collect money other than via wifi or cell phone data, as both methods have been known to fail during peak shopping times.
  • Bring your own change.
  • There are plenty of climate-controlled restrooms located throughout Lions Field. Showers are not available.
Privacy Policy
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