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Owning a Booth

Owning A Booth/Space:

About 400 of our booths are owned by individuals. Owners pay an annual lease fee of $650 to the Wimberley Lions Club for the first booth for the right to sell approved products during each Market Day. Each additional booth costs $620 annually. If payment in full is not received by the April Market Day or if the vendor does not follow the current Rules , Market Day Management reserves the right to not renew the Vendor’s agreement including possible forfeiture of booth improvements.

Before a new owner can operate at Market Days, they must be approved as a vendor by Leasing Management.  To have your products approved for sale and before purchasing a booth, email the following to

  • A description of what you intend to sell.  Photos and websites are helpful to make our decisions.
  • Current Texas sales tax permit number.

Transferring A Booth/Space:

Owners wishing to sell their booth should send the following to so that the booth can be added to our list of booths for sale.

  • Description of the booth
  • Asking price, and if the price is Firm or OBO
  • Seller’s contact information
  • Up to 3 photos – low resolution jpeg format only

Before the sale is completed, it is the seller’s responsibility to:

  1. Pay the current lease fees due,
  2. Provide the buyer with the most current Rules  and
  3. Inform the prospective buyer that their products to be sold must be approved by the Leasing Team. Regardless whether the seller receives payment for the booth, Market Day Management reserves the right to not approve the transfer if the buyer’s products are determined to be inappropriate for Wimberley Market Days.

The next step after you complete the financial agreement with the new owner is to complete the Booth Transfer Authorization  and email the completed and signed form to You can also email a photo of the completed form if you are not able to fill out the form on your phone or other device.

Before purchasing a booth the buyer must review the current Rules, get approval of the products you want to sell from the Leasing Team, and make sure the current lease fees are paid of the booth you want to purchase.

After purchasing a booth and before selling at Market Days, the new vendor must:

  1. Make sure all products have been approved to sell.
  2. Complete the New Vendor Agreement and return to  You can also email a photo of the completed form if you are not able to fill out the form on your phone or other device.
  3. Pay the $50 transfer fee using the online form with a credit card using this link.
  4. Add a location for our market to your Texas sales tax permit. The physical address of our market is 601 FM 2325, Wimberley TX 78666.

Considerations before purchasing a booth

  1. The current Rules apply to all booths and booth owners.  There are no “grandfathered”  booths to which the current Rules do not apply. 
  2. LOCATION: Visit Lions Field on one or more Market Days to determine the amount of shopper traffic.
  3. CONDITION: Notice any unusual conditions at the site which might affect the booth now or in the future. For example, existing trees will grow and if you build too close to a tree, the Booth will probably be affected in the future. Notice how much ground slope is on the location. Water flows at will and a heavy rain could cause water damage from uphill drainage.
  4. BUDGET: Determine which type of structure will work best for you and will meet your budget.
    • Alternatives to an enclosed booth include:
      • a tent
      • a simple roof if the products can be placed on a dirt floor, with or without a lockable storage
      • a roof and deck with no enclosed walls, with or without a lockable storage room
      • an open space
  5. APPEARANCE: “Curb appeal” is very important. Lions Field has close to 500 Booths/Spaces and it is important that shoppers notice the booth and products. A key negative to being noticed is a booth that presents only a small opening, such as a single door in the front. Booths that open in the front, especially for the first five feet of depth, have a much greater chance of being noticed. The most popular booths have an open front for several feet with a storage closet or building in the back.
  6. SECURITY: The nature of Lions Field is such that it is almost impossible to prevent unauthorized entry. Design and build accordingly.

Common construction mistakes to avoid:

  1. Untreated wood touching the ground, such as sole plates or wall material, will rot very quickly. Consider using concrete blocks.
  2. Trees growing through roofs or close to the structure can move in strong winds and can cause leaks and additional damage to the structure and goods stored within the space.
  3. Undersized roof beams, rafters and wall construction can fail under load.
  4. Use of “pressed wood” products can lead to structural failure when they become wet.
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