Open 1st Saturday, 7am - 3pm, March - December -  RAIN OR SHINE

Wimberley Market Days offers a variety of services to assist our shoppers.

U Call - We Haul

You Call, We Haul! Call or Text 512-877-0071.
The Lions have wagons and shopping carts available to rent for the day, and Volunteer driven carts available to help you get your newly purchased treasures to your car. Wagons are $15 all day with a $30 refundable deposit, and shopping carts are $10 for the day, with a $20 deposit. Deposits are refunded upon the return of the cart or wagon.

There are two hauling locations at Wimberley Market Days: the main Hauling Dispatch at Booth 6 near Gate 1 and the Info Booth at Gate 3. Shop to your heart’s content and we’ll get you and your purchases to your car!


Throughout the Market field, there are 7 concession stands offering food and hot or cold beverages and 3 concessions serving beer and wine. Almost all food concessions offer breakfast tacos and sausage wraps starting at 7 a.m., with lunch menu items available by 10 a.m., including BBQ sandwiches, hot dogs and turkey legs. Each concession also has their own signature menu with special items you can only get there. Check out what each concession has to offer that’s different from all the rest!

  1. Concession 1- It’s the first thing you see if you’ve entered the main gate… hence, it needs no other name than #1. This busy concession offers up BBQ sandwiches, baked potatoes, Bratwurst with or without sauerkraut, a variety of drinks, and cookies for dessert!
  2. Concession 2 aka Hill Country Deli - Centrally located towards the back of the field, this concession offers a variety of sandwich choices from chicken salad to sliced or chopped BBQ, as well as pulled pork wraps! Also on the menu is Pepperoni Pizza, whole or by the slice. Concession 10 is right next door with beer, wine and sangria.
  3. Concession 3 aka The Smile Station- I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream, and you can get all you want at #3! If you’re in the mood for a Root Beer Float, this concession is your destination. 3 also has BBQ sandwiches and hot dogs.
  4. Concession 4 aka Hamburger Hill- I found my thrill on Hamburger Hill! As the name implies, this is where you go if you want a burger, cheeseburger or veggie burger. They’ve added French fries to the menu. Concession 5 is right next door with beer, wine and sangria.
  5. Concession 5 aka Hilltop Icehouse- Located in the same structure as Hamburger Hill, the Hilltop Icehouse serves up cold draft beer, wine, wine cocktails and Sangria.
  6. Concession 6 - This quaint concession located at Gate 10 has BBQ sandwiches, hot dogs & turkey legs, and all sorts of bottled drinks, but also offers up donuts in the morning (while they last), and ice cream bars!
  7. Concession 7 aka BBQ House- If you came for the BBQ, you came to the right place. Our Lion Pitmasters slow cook beef briskets all night long and serve it up fresh for Market Day. At the BBQ House, you can get BBQ platters or sandwiches with two sides and stuffed baked potatoes.
  8. Concession 8 aka Beer Haus- Right smack dab in the middle of all the action, this is where to get ice cold draft beer and wine to complement your BBQ!
  9. Concession 9 - Right next to the Info Booth, Concession 9 offers up freshly made pizza and kolaches.
  10. Concession 10 aka The Lion’s Den- Tucked in amongst oak trees next to Concession 2, this bustling crossroads is not only a great place to get a cold beer or glass of wine, but also a great place to people-watch!


$10 Donation per Vehicle
The Wimberley Lions Club operates 3 large parking lots along FM 2325 for Market Day customers. Two lots are located across the street from the market divided by a driveway entry that runs between them. You can’t miss the brightly colored blue and yellow flag banners that mark the entrance! The third parking lot is located on the far northwest end of the field at gate 4 on the same side of the street as the market, and has red flag banners at the entrance.

Look for the Lions logo on signs and banners at both parking entrances. These are the lots operated and controlled by the Lions. When you park in a Lions parking lot, your $10 donation supports Wimberley Lion’s charities and scholarships. You will also receive a Market Day Vendor Directory and map of the market when you enter the lot. Vendor directories and maps are also available at both information booths, concession stands, in two large blue racks at gates 1 and 2, and at the Hauling booth.

There are several other parking lots operated by landowners near Wimberley Market Day, including the Cowboy Church, Katherine Anne Porter School, Scudder Elementary and a couple of private homes and lots. The price to park in these lots varies and the money goes to the organization or individual who owns the land.

Emergency Services

Accidents happen, so members of the Wimberley EMS and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) are onsite working with the Wimberley Lions to provide first aid or emergency help as necessary. There is a first aid booth located behind Concession #1, near the Main Pavilion for minor emergencies. As well, all concession stands are equipped with first aid kits for minor cuts and ice for bumps and bruises.
If you need medical assistance, locate a Lion volunteer immediately: at the nearest concession stand, info booth or driving by in a hauling/courtesy cart. Most vendors can help you get in contact with a Lion or direct you to the nearest concession stand. If it is a serious medical emergency, dial 911!

Wimberley Lion Protocol... read more


The Market Day field currently has two ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines): one at Gate 2 by the main pavilion, and one at Concession 4 (Hamburger Hill) next to Gate 5. Most concession stands are set up to accept credit cards now, but reception can be spotty in certain areas of the field so you may end up paying with cash. Concession stands do not accept checks, but most of the vendors accept credit cards, cash and checks. If you plan to make your purchases with cash, we suggest you bring it with you as the ATMs could possibly run out of money on heavy traffic days.
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