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Leasing Information

Shoppers have been coming to Wimberley Lions Club Market Days since 1969 to find antiques, collectibles, handmade products, plants, unique items and arts and crafts. Lions Field in Wimberley Texas has close to 500 booths and spaces, many available for rent.
View the Leasing map showing booths and spaces available for rent.

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New Renters- Please make your payment only after you have been approved as a vendor for a specific Market Day with a notification from You will then be assigned a booth or space number after your payment is processed. Payment without approval does not provide you admission to Wimberley Market Day as a vendor.
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Become a Vendor
Sales Guidelines
Prohibited Items
Vendor Tips

Become a Vendor

Booth/Space Rental:
There is an inventory of booths and spaces that may be rented from the Wimberley Lions Club on an annual or monthly basis. Signing an Annual Rental Agreement assures the renter the same booth for the entire season and priority in selecting rental spaces for subsequent years, and first priority in choosing rental booths. Prices vary depending on location, amenities and size.

Booths and spaces not rented for the full year may be rented the week before each Market Day for $115. This amount is for pre-rentals and does not include advertising on our online map. For $150, we will add your booth to the online map, along with 3 photos, a description of your products and a link to your website of Facebook page.
Any remaining inventory will be available on the morning of Market Day for $75.

Contact to be added to the email list for annual or monthly rental notifications.

Owning A Booth/Space:
Many of our booths are owned by individuals. Owners pay an annual lease fee of $600 to the Wimberley Lions Club for the first booth. Each additional booth costs $570 annually. If payment in full is not received by this March Market Day, Market Day Management reserves the right to not renew the Vendor’s agreement for the year including possible forfeiture of booth improvements.
Transferring A Booth/Space:

If a booth owner wishes to sell their booth, send photos, a description, the asking price and the seller’s contact information to so that we can post the information online.

Before you complete the sale, it is the seller’s responsibility to 1) pay the current lease fees due, 2) provide the buyer with the most current Rules (see Rules Tab Above) and 3) obtain approval of the prospective buyer’s products to be sold from the Leasing Management Team. Regardless whether the seller receives payment for the booth, Market Day Management reserves the right to not approve the transfer if the buyer’s products are determined to be inappropriate for Wimberley Market Days. The next step is to complete the financial agreement with the new owner, transfer the parking pass, and sign, scan and email the Booth Transfer Authorization to

If you want to purchase a booth, 1) review the current Rules (see Rules Tab Above) 2) get approval of your products from the Leasing Management Team and 3) make sure the current lease fees are paid before you enter into a financial agreement with the owner of the booth you want to purchase. The next step is to complete the financial agreement with the current owner, complete the New Vendor Agreement and return to along with the $25 transfer fee.

Sales Guidelines

The primary objective of the Market is to attract shoppers who buy antiques, collectibles, handmade products, plants, unique items, arts and crafts. Vendors must list on their booth application the specific products to be sold. Market Day Management is solely responsible for determining whether the products sold are appropriate for this Market.

It is the sole responsibility of each Vendor to obtain and display in each booth all certificates and licenses for products or services that are required by the State of Texas, City of Wimberley or other applicable authorities. Visit the Texas Comptroller’s website for rules, FAQs and to apply for a Sales Tax Permit.

Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed for sale or give away. In limited cases they might be allowed only with prior approval from the Market Day Management Team.

      • Food and Beverages: Food, drinks or other edible items (including, sweets, candy, popcorn, salsa, etc.).

      • Firearms: Guns that are in violation of Federal or State laws. Displayed guns must have open breeches or clip/magazine removed, as appropriate. Absolutely no ammunition allowed.

      • Fireworks: Fireworks or explosive charges.

      • Obscene and Objectionable Items: Visual or written pornographic materials, or other creations or images which, in the sole opinion of the Market Day Management Team, are objectionable.

      • Politics: All activities which promote political parties, candidates, agendas, or controversial and divisive issues.

      • Animals

      • Service Plans

      • Vacation Rentals

Vendor Tips

  • Set up as early as possible. Pre-renting allows the vendor to set up their booth or space the week before the upcoming Market Day as soon as payment is received. If you rent a space on Market Day, show up by 7 a.m. to select and pay for your booth.
  • Parking is available in the various Lions owned parking lots for free for vendors with a paid receipt.
  • Vendor vehicles can be driven to spaces for loading and unloading. On each Market Day, vehicles must be out of Lions Field by 9 a.m. and cannot enter Lions Field prior to closing time (3 p.m. June – September and 4 p.m. all other months).
  • Bring change. Change is not available from the office.
  • There are two ATM’s on Lions Field. One is located in front of Lions Field next to Gate Two and the other is on the west side of the field on Hamburger Hill.
  • Make sure you have ways to collect money other than via wireless or cell phone data, as both methods have been known to fail during peak shopping times.
  • Electricity is provided. One 7.5-amp electrical circuit is provided at each booth/Space.
  • Dress for the weather. Individual air conditioning and heating units are not allowed in the booths and spaces due to electricity constraints.
  • There are plenty of climate-controlled restrooms located throughout Lions Field. Showers are not available.


  • The Rules apply to all Wimberley Market Day vendors who rent or lease a booth. Any exceptions must be approved in writing by Market Day Management.

  • All vendors must read, understand and agree to comply with the Rules. Payment of any lease or rental fees by vendor acknowledges that the vendor agrees that a violation of the Rules may result in the cancellation of any agreements at the sole discretion of the Wimberley Lions Club without any refund of the fees paid.

See the latest rules & tips here (PDF)
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