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Wimberley Lion Emergency Medical Protocol

Wimberley Lion protocol:

  1. Any Lion learning of an incident should do an on-site assessment.
  2. If the situation requires more than very minor attention OR if you are not sure what is needed, contact by field radio the on-site Wimberley EMT and request assistance. If that contact can’t be completed, call 9-1-1 and provide the 911 Operator with a brief description of the problem, your name, your location (Wimberley Lions Field on FM 2325), the closest gate number and a booth number.
  3. Stay there until help arrives, but have another Lion or Lions go to the specified gate and direct the EMT’s to your location.  You must remain as the on-scene coordinator until either an EMT or other Lion field management can relieve you.
  4. Notify the General Manager or Operations Manager by radio of the situation.
  5. If you are certain that only minor first aid is needed, contact the on-site CERT by field radio and request non-emergency aid or direct the person to our first aid room. (Behind Concession 1)
  6. Lions must have documentation of EVERY event, even if aid is rejected.  For that use the attached form, “Activity Log (ICS 214)” copies in First Aid Room and all concession stands.  If CERT or an EMT is present, they are the best source to fill out the form.  Make sure that the completed form gets turned into the First Aid room.

 The complete Emergency Medical Procedure is attached for more detailed information

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