Open 1st Saturday, 7am - 3pm, March - December -  RAIN OR SHINE

Do your Doo Diligence!

In 2018, we started allowing dogs at Wimberley Market Days, as long as your dog is on a leash and you do your “doo diligence” and clean up after them when nature calls. To this end, we have installed dog waste dispensers at all entry gates to the market field. Look for these clearly marked dark green boxes mounted to fence posts or exterior walls near all entrances.

Now that many of you are bringing your furry friend with you to the market, please be mindful of other dogs on the field. Not all dogs have the right temperament for large crowds and other dogs, so we ask that you observe the following common sense rules if you plan to bring your pooch:

If your dog doesn’t like crowds or other dogs, please leave it home. Some are naturally social and love greeting new people and other dogs. As well, you can be certain that when you have a dog with you, people are going to come up and ask if they can pet it. However, if your canine has a tendency to cower in fear when it meets someone new, or bark aggressively at certain people or animals, please don’t put it in a situation it is not going to enjoy. You do not want to spend your time at the market breaking up dogfights.
Don’t be “that person” because you are leaving your dog’s droppings along the market grounds: Please clean up after your dog if they leave a ‘deposit.’ No one wants to step in… well, you know… so it’s your “doodie” to clean up after your pooch!
Be respectful of service dogs. While many canines serve this purpose, there are plenty of people out there who claim their dog is a service animal when in actuality it is not. This is disrespectful to people who actually rely on an animal to guide them or sense dangers.
When you bring your dog to an event, its well-being supersedes anything else. Always have one eye on your dog. People drop things all the time at events, and it most often ends up being food. You do not want your dog eating something that will make it sick. Be cognizant of what your pooch is up to. As long as you can look after your dog adequately, then the two of you can have a great time.

If you have determined your dog has the right temperament for large crowds, grab your leash and come join us at Wimberley Market Day. Here are some items to bring along to be certain your pooch has a great experience too:

  • Treats: Give treats to your pooch often to reward it for being a good boy (or girl) during the event.
  • Umbrella: Even if it is not raining, you still want to protect your pooch from getting a nasty sunburn. Poop Bags: Bring plenty of poop bags with you. If you run out, look for dog waste dispensers located at all entrances.
  • Water: Pack several water bottles along with a doggie bowl so your pooch doesn’t get dehydrated. Collar and Leash: Keep your pup on a leash at all times, and if your dog is small enough, you may carry it around the grounds.
  • A Toy or Two: Calm your dog down by having a few of its favorite toys readily available. A chew toy can help entertain your dog and allow it to focus on something else other than all the people walking by.
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